Welcome to the city of Clausville!

The city of Clausville is hidden away in the mountains of the North Pole, where elves, reindeer, and happy children play all day. Here also live Big Papa Claus and his son, Little Santa. There is so much for Little Santa  to learn—from teaching reindeer how to fly to rescuing his elven friends!

Everything you need to know about Santa Claus, his family and friends, and the North Pole can be found within the Little Santa Claus Series, an exciting new Christmas series about Santa Claus!

In the first book of the series, The Christmas Spirit Is Born, learn the story of how the spirit of Christmas came to be as Little Santa takes you on the very best Christmas adventure.

The Christmas Spirit Is Bornbook one of the Little Santa Claus Seriesis available now Amazon.com and Shop.Booklogix.com!