About Perry


Perry and his dog!

J. Perry Johnson is an author with a passion to help young people find their true identity so they can live a life of joy and adventure! 

Perry had an unusual upbringing. He was close to flunking out of school and was functionally illiterate after his junior year in high school. Yet he went on to get his CPA, CFA, and master’s degree in accounting. He managed two large, global investment-management firms, where he served as CEO, COO, and chief investment officer. In addition to writing, he spends his free time helping the next generation become the leaders of tomorrow.

Perry has been married for thirty-seven years to Lucinda, and they have two beautiful children, Allison and Trey. The entire family loves the outdoors. They swim, scuba dive, and enjoy fishing and hunting. Many family photos have the entire family in their hunting garb with their hunting dogs, Hoss and Bella.




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